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Baikal International School

The VIII Baikal International School, with a subtitle of Sustained Development In Cultural Dialogue, shall be launched today in Tankhoi, Republic of Buryatia, Russia (Tankhoi is situated on the shore of Lake Baikal). Ivan Smirnov, Head of Educational Programs in IFTI, will take most active part in its organization and work. The main goal of the School shall be to setup an international site of ecological education for young people, aimed to promote the ecological research activity and development of an active attitude toward natural resource conservation. Young people coming to the School from various regions of Russia and other countries shall participate in the work of different research or projects’ sections. Moreover, participants of the School are looking forward to excursions to the Baikal State Natural Biosphere Reserve, an ethnographic site and Buryatia Museum of Natural History.




9th International Research School

The 9th International Research School, a unique educational project for senior schoolchildren, was held near the ancient Russian town of Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, Russia, from June 25 through July 5.
Schoolchildren from 10 countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Denmark, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, and Thailand – participated in the School’s work. English was the official language of the School.

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Navigator In Educational Technologies

IFTI is glad to announce that the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the Foundation For Technological Support of Education Navigator In Educational Technologies (reference in Russian), whose tasks include support and implementation of the innovative Russian educational practices, will join efforts with IFTI to support participation of the Russian delegation in the Asian Science Camp 2016 (ASC 2016, Bengaluru, India, August 21-27). "Navigator In Educational Technologies" also invited the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, which shall help the Russian delegation to create an interesting presentation for the National Cultures' Day of the ASC 2016.




Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus

Representatives of The German House For Research and Innovation (Das Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus, DWIH) and IFTI have met yesterday in the DWIH’s office in Moscow. The Parties acknowledged the necessity to facilitate the Russian-German exchange of knowledge and experience in S&T, further bilateral cooperation in the modernization of industry and the strategic partnership and develop interaction in the educational and cultural programs. The Parties also expressed their willingness to combine their efforts to solve those tasks. In particular, it was considered promising to start with the joint participation in organization of the problem-oriented Russian-German conferences, workshops, or roundtables.





IFTI's report on development of the initiative Projects Movement of Russian Youth was presented at the Session of the Executive Committee of the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology MILSET (June 4-5, 2016, Mazatlan, Mexico). Presentation done by Ksenia Salnikiva, Member of the Executive Committee of MILSET-Europe, sparked much interest and received general approval.




Roundtable in IFTI

Yesterday, on May 18, in IFTI's office at 8 (bld.2) Novaya Square, Moscow, a meeting was held to discuss ways to develop a nationwide movement of project and research activity of schoolchildren in this country.
Representatives of the specialized bodies and organizations having many years of successfull experience in arranging competitions in this specific area participated in the discussion.




Asian Science Camp 2016

IFTI continues to support the project Rising Generation: Development of Scientific and Research Schools for Children in Their Leisure Time. Last year a small Russian delegation of teachers and schoolchildren (4 persons in total) participated in the Asian Science Camp 2015 (Bangkok, Thailand) of the international youth scientific movement Asian Science Camp. The participation was a definite success. This summer a larger Russian delegation (2 teachers and 6 schoolchildren) shall take part in the Asian Science Camp 2016 (Bengaluru, India, August 21-27). We wish best of luck to both the seasoned and maiden participants of the project!




Forum "Cultural Diplomacy In XXI Century"

The International Forum of Creative Youth Cultural Diplomacy In XXI Century: New Challenges, New Solutions commenced its work yesterday in the Ethnographic Park ETNOMIR (Russian for The Ethnic World) in the Kaluga Region, Russia. The Forum was hosted with the organizational support from IFTI. Young people from Russia, Germany, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan came together to develop, through discussions, creative master classes, brainstorming and experts’ advices, joint projects in the cultural diplomacy. Besides Yury Cherches, IFTI’s Chairman of the Board, the experts of the Forum included Sergey Krylov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in Germany (1997-2004) and Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany in Russia (2002-2005). More information on the Forum can be found on its website.




Contest of school projects

On March 18, 2016 representatives of IFTI acted as experts at the penultimate stage of the Moscow City Contest of Research Projects of Schoolchildren in the sections of Ecology and Biology.
Most of the presented projects were up to the mark, and the contending schoolchildren demonstrated good knowledge in their specific areas.
The Moscow City Contest of Research Projects of Schoolchildren was held for the first time. It is supposed to be a pilot stage of creation a universal system of S&T contests for schoolchildren in the Russian Federation. It is important that the contests should be evaluated by universally established criteria and regulations and the experts should belong to the integrated expert community.




Projects Movement of Russian Youth

IFTI currently promotes the Initiative of Projects Movement of the Russian Youth.
The Initiative is directed to solve the problem of training highly professional specialists in accordance with the goals set by the Russian President Vladimir Putin to provide Russia's world leadership in the strategic areas of economy.
The proposed Initiative is the result of joint eforts from representatives of the Russian business, education and science. The Initiative supposes to create in Russia a national youth projects movement integrated into the international youth projects network.




Alexaner III and his family

IFTI continues to support the project to identify the remains presumably belonging to the family of the last Russian Emperor, Nikolay II. This opinion was corroborated by the analysis of the DNA transferred through the female line (in the first stage of the project). Later (in November last year) the samples of the remains of Nikolay's father, Alexander III, were taken in the royal shrine in St. Petersburg, Russia. After the research is completed, the results of identification shall be complemented with the analysis of the DNA transferred through the male lineage.




Happy New Year!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Our congratulations with the coming New Year! We wish you all to dwell in harmony, joy, love, and peace.
Yours IFTI.




Memorial for Homefront Workers

We are glad to announce that the memorial dedicated to the homefront workers (of the World War II) and created with the support of IFTI was unveiled in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia. Says Rustem Khamitov, President of the Republic of Bashkortostan: "Today we are paying tribute to those who worked on the homefront during the wartime. Unfortunately there are less and less of them. But those who remain with us, let them hear our deep gratitude." We would like all to subscribe to these words.





IFTI supports research to identify remains of the last Russian Emperor Nikolay II and his family members. In the course of this auxiliary research the results based on the analysis of the mitochondrial DNA (transferred through the female lineage) should be added to the existing data pool. Moreover, the analysis of the DNA thransferred through the male lineage is also scheduled as the second stage of the project.




Russian delegation with Nobel Prize Winner Yuan T. Lee (Chemistry, 1986)

Congratulations to the Russian schoolchildren, participants of IFTI's project Rising Generation: Development of Scientific and Research Schools for Children in Their Leisure Time for winning awards for active participation in the scientific events of the Asian Science Camp 2015 (Banbkok, Thailand, August 1–8, 2015) of the international youth scientific movement Asian Science Camp.




Asian Science Camp

IFTI's new project Rising Generation: Development of Scientific and Research Schools for Children in Their Leisure Time was launched in June 2015. Within this project the Russian delegation shall take part in the Asian Science Camp 2015 (Bangkok, Thailand, August 1–8, 2015) of the international youth scientific movement Asian Science Camp. The experience to be obtained there shall be later used at workshops and master classes of the International Baikal School (Tankhoi, Buryatia, Russia, August 10–20 2015. We wish good luck to the project participants!




Playground Inaugurated

The much-anticipated inauguration of the playground for the Children's Departments of a large oncological hospital took place in Moscow!
Yesterday, on the International Children's Day and exactly a year from the start of the fundraising for the project, IFTI's project to construct the playground for the two Children's Oncological Departments of the Russian Scientific Center of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Moscow, Russia) was successfully completed and the playground was at last inaugurated.
Many thanks to all the participants of the project: donors, volunteers, builders, and all the people who supported the idea to create the playground for the little patients!
The details of the project (in Russian) can be found on the project's page on Facebook.
A small photoreport of the inauguration is provided here.




New Phone Number

Dear Partners, Colleagues, Friends,
Please be informed that our phone number has changed. New phone number of IFTI is:

+7 (495) 111 24 25.




Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,
We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014! Let the coming year bring you good luck, well-being and marvels that would be a pleasant surprise!
Yours, IFTI




Acknowledgement for Assistance in Hosting G20 Events

Our efforts get acknowledged!
IFTI, in the person of Yuriy Cherches, Chairman of IFTI's Governing Board, received an acknowledgement from the Organizing Committee for Hosting Events of Russian G20 Presidency in 2013 for IFTI's assistance in hosting the G20 Leaders' Summit in St. Petersburg on September 5-6, 2013.





We are pleased to announce that Japanese company KELK Ltd. (Komatsu Group Company) became a new partner of IFTI. KELK Ltd. (until 2008 Komatsu Electronics Inc.) was founded in 1966 as an independent manufacturer specialized in electronic refrigeration equipment. Now KELK Ltd is a leading developer and supplier of thermoelectric modules and various temperature control equipment.
More about KELK Ltd.





King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has become a new partner of IFTI in supporting joint international scientific research. KAUST is an international, graduate-level research university in Saudi Arabia that is dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement in the Kingdom that will also benefit the region and the world. KAUST organizes interdisciplinary collaborative research teams of faculty and students, across three academic divisions: Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering; Computer, Electrical, and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering; and Physical Sciences and Engineering.
More about KAUST.




IFTI Board

Searching for new ways to support science and education in Russia, IFTI decided to launch a new program of organization and management of endowments. The first endowment to be arranged will be devoted to the additional education in Russia. Corresponding decision was made yesterday by IFTI’s Governing Board.




Technology Platform

As a part of IFTI’s involvement with the Technology Platform “Technologies for Sustainable Ecological Development”, IFTI Director Natalya Yanul was elected to become the Chairperson of Panel for Environment-Friendly Production Technologies.
Note. The Technology Platform “Technologies for Sustainable Ecological Development” was created in 2011 to consolidate forces of business, science, public authorities and civil society to solve ecological problems facing Russia.




Experts of IFTI took active participation in the discussion of draft of Federal Law “On introduction of amendments to several statutes of the Russian Federation in order to develop better regulatory mechanisms for the labor of scientific researchers, as well as financial mechanisms and tools to support scientific and research & development activity in Russian Federation”, which took place at a workshop held by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on April 3rd, 2013. As a follow-up to the discussion, IFTI experts prepared and submitted to the Ministry their amendments and suggestions to the draft.




Dear Friends and Colleagues!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you good health and prosperity, happiness at your home, and success in your business!

Our children also wish you a Happy New Year! Let their Christmas drawings bring more joy to you!

IFTI Governing Board, Team and Children




Workshop “Development of System of Non-Governmental Funds to Support Science” was held with active participation of IFTI on November 29. The Workshop was hosted by the Department of State Scientific and Innovation Policy of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in pursuance of the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, formulated at the Meeting of Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on October 29. After the Workshop, IFTI developed and delivered to the Government representatives an analytical note “Measures to develop a system of non-governmental funds to support science”.




VIII Russian-German Youth Parliament arranged by the Fund of International Youth Exchanges with financial support from IFTI was held in Moscow on November 12-16, 2012. The Parliament united fifty young people from Russia and Germany to discuss the following issue “2012: A Joint Answer or New Challenges?”




On October 28, Panel Discussion Investments in Medicine Today was held within the 1st Youth International Forum of Medical Sciences MedWAYS in I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. The Panel was dedicated to vital issues of financing of the medical sector. IFTI Director Natalia Yanul represented the foundations supporting the international cooperation in education, science and innovations.




Representatives of IFTI participated in the award ceremony for the Russian scientists, winners of the “Avangard Znanii” (“Forefront of Knowledge”) competition for the best research works in chemistry, biology, pharmacology and medical science, which was held on October 12, 2002 as a part of the All-Russian Festival of Science. The competition arranged by AstraZeneca, an international biopharmaceutical company, with the support of the Russian development institutes (Russian Venture Company, RUSNANO, Skolkovo Foundation and Open University Skolkovo) was held in Russia for the second consecutive year.




IFTI proposes a new service to Russian federal and corporate institutions. IFTI’s Governing Board recommended to IFTI to develop R&D marketing services for federal executive bodies, state-owned and private corporations, development institutes, strategic investment institutions and private investors in Russia.




On June 23-27, 2012 Fund of International Youth Exchanges with assistance of Petersburger Dialog (Russian-German Forum) and with financial support of IFTI arranged in Moscow the Russian-German Youth Business Play Factory of Innovative Solutions .




With financial support of IFTI, the tomb of Admiral Chichagov, hero of the Patriotic War (against Napoleon in 1812-1814), was restored. On May 18th, 2012, the inauguration ceremony for the redesigned tomb of Chichagov’s family took place in the cemetery of Sault, France.




Today IFTI hosted semi-final of Russian Innovations Competition arranged by Rating Agency “Expert RA” and Media Holding “Expert”.




IFTI’s experience in commercialization of technologies developed by Russian scientists was discussed at the Committee on Financial Markets of the Russian Managers Association.

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Dear Colleagues,

The Board, the management and the entire friendly staff of IFTI wishes you a happy New Year and merry Christmas!

Let all your plans be fulfilled, new promising opportunities appear, we wish you to find new partners and keep old friends in the coming 2012!

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IFTI joined the Technology Platform "Ecological Technology Development". The founding conference was held on November 29, 2011 at the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.




IFTI, supporting a range of scientific and technological projects related to biological and medical subjects, took part in a scientific symposium on "Recent advances and future opportunities of biomedicine".

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Congradulations to our partners! Vladimir V. Poroykov, the head of bioinformatics department, and Alexander V. Dmitriev, a researcher from the laboratory of pharmaceutical molecular modeling of RAS Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry are among the winners of the first Russian R&D competition held by AstraZeneca, "Vanguard of Knowledge".




IFTI analytical essay was published by a weekly review of Russian scientific community, "Poisk", issue #37 (2011), 16.09.2011.
Link to the article in Russian.




On May 26-28, 2011, the annual conference of the Technology Innovation International (TII) took place in Nizhny Novgorod, which IFTI attended with a plenary report.




IFTI delegation participated in a press conference held May 25, 2011 in the business incubator of RAS research center in Chernogolovka. The event was devoted to the results of the project "Trust" (ISTC ¹ 3283), in which our Foundation acted as the developer and the implementer of the strategy for the project.




Dmitry Pavlov, IFTI Project Manager, presented the report "Youth personnel policy as a mechanism to ensure innovation" in the forum "Intellectual Property - XXI Century", which took place on April 19th-22nd, 2011, in the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. The program of the forum and the reports submitted are available at www.forum-ip.ru




IFTI participated in the international congress "Open Russia: partnership for modernization". IFTI Director N.A. Yanul was a speaker at the round table "The staff in modern Russia: the new way of doing business", March 24-25, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.




IFTI results in 2010 have been assessed. The annual report was approved at the meeting of the Board IFTI, held on March 15th, 2011. Annual Report.




Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!
New Year is the time for new aspirations. Let all the good that pleased you this year find its way into the coming year too! And let new days bring you only sweet surprises!
We wish you health, welfare and prosperity, realization of your dreams and plans, and new successful projects!




Urgent News!
IFTI has been included into the list of organizations whose grants are exempt of taxation. The Russian Government Resolution ¹936 of November 27th, 2010 “On amendment of the list of Russian organizations whose grants issued to taxpayers in support of science, education, art and culture in the Russian Federation are exempt from taxation” has been officially published today (December 8th, 2010)




IFTI’s 10th Anniversary! Dear Colleagues and Friends! This November marks the 10th anniversary of IFTI. This is an important milestone for us: ten-year experience of active work at the junction of science and business gives us the possibility to arrange new partnerships more efficiently. And we are not going to stop midway; to expand current programs, attract new business partners, find new promising projects and share our experience with those who care about Russian science – that is our minimum program for next ten years!




17 June, A specialist of the Grant Project’s Department of IFTI Maria Nefedieva addressed a meeting with a topic “The Peculiarities of European Patent Legislation”, the working language of the seminar is English.

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A specialist of IFTI Maria Nefedieva (Grant Project’s Departmnet) took part in the international workshop “Intellectual Property and Biopiracy), arranged by Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald (Germany) from 26.05.2010 to 06.06.2010 www.uni-greifswald.de

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IFTI business incubator (Innovation Projects Managing Bureau): AVK Lab LLC at support of Rosoboronexport State Corporation has displayed actively at International Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition 2010 (ISSE 2010).

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On the sitting of IFTI Scientific and Technical Council on 3-th March 2010 was summarized results of IFTI program for Small business enterprise support and development in the innovation area. The results were summarized for 2008-th year and year of 2009.




Dear Friends!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
When it is cold around, Christmas puts warmth in our hearts. We wish you and your dearest and nearest a very Merry Christmas, nice holidays, and healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!
May luck and success accompany all your endeavors in the forthcoming year!

We wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it’s done, it’s time to say
Happy New Year and many more!




IFTI has taken a part in discussion dealing with the problem of attraction of our compatriots working in foreign scientific centres. The round table devoted to this subject was held in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on November, 11th. The organizers were Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Institute of Economy, Politic and Right (RIEPR), expert forecasting group «STRATEG» and «Park-Media» LLC.

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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that IFTI office has moved to new address:
Novaya square 8 building 2, 109012, Moscow.

IFTI contact information remains unchanged:
telephone: +7 (495) 933-53-03;
fax: +7 (495) 937-64-25;
e-mail: adm@ifti.ru.




In the course of realization of the program for supporting small business enterprise in the innovation area IFTI organized the tender procedure for “Audit OOO BioReactor with special engagement objective”

Three companies participated in the tender. OOO “AuditGarantia TM” is declared winning bidder.




IFTI and Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (http://www.fasie.ru/) held a round-table discussion in the scope of IX International Salon of Innovation and Investment. The topic of discussion was “Problems of innovators by the eyes of innovators”. Moderators of discussion Ivan Bortnik and Natalya Yanul invited the direct participants of the innovative process – directors of the small innovative enterprises. The daily problems of innovative business and ideas for its’ solutions were subject of a heated dispute. See details here: http://www.innovex.ru/




Dear friends! Dear partners of our Foundation! In the new book “Public Private Partnership in the Innovation Area” you can find newest material of IFTI researches in the area, colligated experience of Foundation work, opinions of the Foundation experts.

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IFTI delegation participated in the business-summit “Powerful Russia 2009”, which was held in The President Hotel, Moscow on June 18. Participants of the summit gathered for working out decision aimed for crisis coping and development of social and economical infrastructure of Russia.

In the course of the summit were held the sessions of Working group for innovation legislation under the jurisdiction of RF President Administration, “Innovation breakup in the time of financial crisis” (moderator E. F. Popova, Assistant of the Chief of President Administration) and the session of Working Group “Business activity of the young generation – good start in life in 21-th century”( moderator V. S. Gruzdev, depute of the State Duma, member of “United Russia” party general counsel, party coordinator for relations with business-community)
See details (in Russian)




A forum “Days of Russian Innovations” was held on 28-29 May in the Hall of Scientists. The forum attracted attention of lots of young scientists, who are solving the dilemma “Should I carry out my business in Russia or move abroad?” Experts tried to solve the question in the round table discussion “The place of Russia on the global market of technology”. The speech of Natalya Yanul, Business Development Director of IFTI was dedicated to the Foundation experience in undertaking our program “R&D commercialization”. See presentation (in Russian).




“Seed stage financing and «nurturing» of innovative projects on the very early stage is the field of activity where collaboration between Russian and Byelorussian government can be very fruitful; we can achieve good results in scientific and technology area this way.” This was the main idea of IFTI representatives’ speech on the international Forum TRIIN 2009 “Inventions, Innovations, Investment” held on May 18020 in Minsk, Byelorussia See details: http://innosfera.org (in Russian).




May 15 Foundation participated in the judicial group of the student contest “Business Lady of Bauman Moscow State Technical University”. This fascinating event was hosted by MSRU business incubator, the company we have cooperated with in the area of new generation innovative businessmen education. See details at http://www.bmstu.ru/ (in Russian).




IFTI participated in the 5-th Moscow International Congress “Biotechnology: state-of-the-art and future development” (March 17 Moscow). IFTI’s presentation delivered in the section “Finances, Investment, and Innovations” expressed the main conclusion resulted from the years of IFTI’s practical experience: “The absence in Russia of the structures that can raise innovations from the scientific idea to the industrial implementation and the absence of the seed funds financing this activity drastically impede growth of high-tech start-up companies. Without those obligatory elements of the national innovative system, development of its separated fragments (like venture capital funds, technical parks, business incubators, and so on) cannot significantly increase the overall innovative activity in this country.”




“The matter with the inefficient performance of the Russian Venture Company in 2007-2008 is that there is no innovation system in Russia. Despite the fact that based on the federal assistance some parts of the innovative system are created and even launched, the system in whole doesn’t exist. There is no integrated concept and strategy of innovation development, there is no single agency responsible for the program realization and its results. Outside those vital questions any discussion of RVC’s performance is useless.” This opinion was expressed by Natalia A. Yanul, IFTI Director for Development, during the roundtable discussion “Current questions in development of venture and seed capital financing in present-day Russia” (March 12th, 2009). The discussion was organized by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and by the Committee for informational politics, IT and communications of the State Duma (Russian Parliament).




The Russian TV in its programme “Vesti-Moskva” ("Moscow News") has featured the gas analyzer “Foxy Lab” created with the support of IFTI. The scientists usually call such devices an artificial nose. The "Foxy-Lab" can in automated mode detect toxicants in the air. The analyzer is based on the most recent developments in nanotechnology. The analyzer combines a high sensitivity with a high operation speed, which distinguish it from other existing gas analyzers. Video.




A meeting of Russian Academy of Science presidium was held in Moscow on February 10. Invention of new drugs was discussed. In the scientific report presented on the meeting, Academician Nikolai Zephirov dwelt upon the promising activity of the Joint Ownership Center TRUST established by IFTI and “OrCheMed” on the preclinical trials of drug candidates.




IFTI participates in the new creative project of “Gatian” art-group. The group consists of scientists who work on the morphogenesis and regeneration problems. At the heart of the project there are two new trends of the modern art: gistodesign and trigonoart.




On the 25-th of December 2008, President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed the Federal Law #2840-FZ “About cession of rights on integrate technologies”, developed with the active participation of IFTI.




In scope of Russian national Symposium “Health Care 2020 – prospects and implementation arrangements” (Oct 9, President Hotel, Moscow) IFTI has organized a session of Working group on innovative medicine. The session on the widely known ground of Symposium met a great public interest and surely was useful for establishing of effective interactions between state and social structures in the area of Russian health care modernization.




A group of IFTI companies has participated in the international exhibition "Hospimedica Asia", 17-19 September, 2008, Singapore. Health care institutions, producers and distributors of high-tech equipment and consulting companies from Asia, Australia and Indonesia took a part in the exhibition. Innovation companies launched in cooperation with IFTI were presented by Trident Pharm Pte Ltd. The company is a purveyor of high-tech equipment in departments and ministries of Singapore. Some presented high-tech products have aroused interest. This is promoting IFTI partnership at the Asian market.




IFTI is preparing to hold a session of Working group on innovation medicine. The session will take place in scope of Russian national Symposium “Health care 2020 – prospect and implementation arrangements” on October 9, 2008 in the building of The administrative boards of the President of the Russian Federation, the President Hotel, Moscow. The opening is at 9:00AM, no conference fee.




The international conference “Organic chemistry for medicine” took place from September 7 till September 11, 2008. The conference program covered a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied research in the field of organic, physical, biological and medical chemistry. Developments of new potential medications on the base of a wide range of chemical classes like low-molecular compounds, new peptides, peptide mimetic, nanoparticles have been discussed. The pharmacological applications of the announced medications are cancer, central nervous system dysfunctions, infectious diseases and some other socially important diseases.




IFTI is a co-organizer of the international conference “Organic chemistry for medicine”. The preparation of the conference is in progress. The list of the conference organizers includes Russian Academy of Sciences, IPAC RAS, RFBR, Bioindustry Initiative (BII, USA). The forum will cover 4 days. The registration and the opening is on September, 7 2008, village “Yunost”, Moscow region.




A program “Start-up Generation 2008-2010” was accepted by IFTI together with a limited liability company ”Innovation projects management bureau”. Its goal is to create and improve a stable functioning of a structure producing start-ups, powerful enough to run 10-15 undertakes in a year.




At present, several research and educational projects have been launched that were planned in the framework of the cooperation between IFTI and Schlumberger. These projects are ongoing in Moscow Physical-Technical University and Institute for Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Happy New Year!

May the coming year generously provide you with interesting plans and be full of boundless creative energy.
May Success and Prosperity be visited upon your difficult and important affairs.
May you always be surrounded by reliable and faithful friends and compatriots, and your life full of pleasant and joyful events.
May your days shine with soulful warmth and cheer.
Kindness, peace and love join together to make your wishes come true.

With love and respect. Yuri Cherches.




LG Electronics Inc. has become a new partner of IFTI

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IFTI and American company PPG Industries, Inc. signed an agreement on cooperation according which Russian scientists will conduct research and development works for one of the leaders of world chemical industry. The company manufactures glass, coatings and paints for aerospace, construction, transportation, industrial and consumer purposes.




IFTI took part in an advisory committee meeting on problems of legislative supplying of defense industry development “General directions of legal regulation of cooperation between state scientific department and defense industry enterprises”, held under the Chairman of the Council of Federation on the 9th of November in Chernogolovka, Moscow region. IFTI report was devoted to the problems and tasks of the innovation society by organizing venture foundations based on state - private partnership.




A French company Cooperation Scientifique et Technologique pour la Lorraine (CSTL) has become a new IFTI partner. The company is interested in innovation developments, particularly Russian ones, and their attraction to Lorraine region.




On 2007 IFTI concludes an agreement with Akela Pharma (formerly, LAB International), a Canadian pharmaceutical company, IFTI providing assistance to Akela Pharma on finding partners in Russia. As a result, the company has successfully established business contacts with several Russian enterprises and institutions specializing in medicine and biotechnology.

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In 2007 Hitachi GST and IFTI have signed the Agreement on performing research projects in Russia and have already set to work on the first joint project.

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Showa Denko K.Ê. has become a new partner of our Foundation

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A round-table discussion, devoted to the innovations in the sphere of biotechnologies, took place in Moscow within the frames of International biotechnological congress

More info



A cooperation agreement is signed between Center of transfer of technologies of Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov and IFTI.

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The Fund took part in the VII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investment at

All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, 5 - 8 February 2007.
See bellow our photo-report.

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National Informational Centre on Science and Innovations interviewed Director for Scientific Cooperation Sergei Belyutin.




President of the Russian Federation awarded to Yuri Cherches, Director of IFTI a Gratifying letter for his work in the year of 2006. Aleksei Shelgunov, Head of the Legal Department IFTI, received a Gratitude letter of the Administration of President of the Russian Federation.




«Oil&GasEURASIA» magazine has published an article “Russian Science for Oil-and-Gas Complex” by Sergei Belyutin, Director for Scientific Cooperation.




On November 13, 2006 IFTI organized a Technology day in Tambov. This meeting took place within the framework of IFTI Program “the expansion and activation of the international cooperation in the scientific and technological sphere”.

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International Foundation of Technology and Investment takes part in the participation of the 4-th Chapter of the RF Civil code.

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Summing-up of IFTI Concours “Innovations 2007”

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The organization of Japanese-Russian scientific and technological seminar («Technology day»), that took place on November 2, 2006, became an important stage in IFTI program events. The aim of the program is the expansion and activation of the international cooperation in the scientific and technological sphere.

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The International Symposium, organized by IFTI with The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), took place on October 24-25, 2006 in Moscow.

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The Exposition of the company "Gas analyzing systems" took a great interest. The Exposition was organized under the support of IFTI management company and it took place in the international exhibition of the state security equipment INTERPOLITEKH.

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The multilateral Agreement on the setting up the international thermonuclear experimental reactor was signed in the beginning of September by Russia, EU, USA, China, South Korea, India and Japan.




Last week the Collaboration Memorandum between IFTI and Korea Techno-Venture Foundation (KTVF) was signed in Seoul.




Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has become the new partner of our Foundation

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International Foundation of Technology and Investment actively participates in the non-governmental organizations’ movement “Civil society to the G8 leaders”. IFTI has initiated the discussion concerning the development of fundamental science of global problems of humanity and Russian participation in it.

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On the 28th of March was the seminar “The New Possibilities and Methods for Financing Innovations”. The seminar was organized by International Foundation of Technology and Investment in the context of International Specialized Forum of ray technologies, lasers, optics, electronics and mechatronics “RayForm+/Rays and Lasers”.

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